Sunday, April 7, 2013


It was great fun to find the storage unit I wanted at Michaels for only $18.00.  They were marked 60% off at our store.  I put it together myself, LOL.  If I can do it anybody can.  I love the look of it and how handy it is.  The top piece that holds the markers can come out and be free standing too but I am trying to give myself more space on the table area itself.

I will also post the other cards I made yesterday after getting home from the training class for my franchise.  Making cards is just the perfect way to unwind.  I never seem to get too far ahead on sympathy cards.






  So there’s a fistful of pictures for you.  I set the camera on timer to take the picture of me with the electric drill.  I started out using the hand held screw driver but by the time I unscrewed the thing three different times, I decided to go ahead and bring up the cordless from the basement. 

On the pink card…..I got that pretty lacy ribbon with the flowers from Good Will.  It’s a really thick roll.  I’ll get lots of use out of that roll.  I cut a black shape the same size and shape as the white one and stuck it behind to give a bit of pop to the white piece.  Once again the bling was a good addition.  (I found lots of bling that needs to be used up)  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Looks fun!!! Beautiful cards too! Enjoy the freshness of new organization!

  2. Love the organized look & feeling! It's always inspiring. Pretty cards, wish I even attempted to keep up on them.

  3. Gorgeous shelf!!! Great price! I love your pics of putting it together! You are so much fun!!!! Your cards are so pretty! Love the embossing on the blue card. I think I have that one, need to pull it out and use it! You know you have me at pink! Very sylish butterfly!!!!