Friday, May 9, 2014

Having fun with stencils

Oh my, stencils, spray, water color paper…..I am loving it.  I got these Heidi Swapp stencils back in February when I met my cyber friend Angie for the first time.  We had to do a Michaels shopping trip and I haven’t really played with them that much but the urge hit today.  So spray away!

I love how everyone of these turned out.  Mostly with my own concoctions for sprays.  Some are acrylics in water, some are Dylusions in water, some are radiant pearls in alcohol water mixture, but the results are beauty every time.  Feeling happy.  Had to honor all those pretty birds that are coming back to us for the season.  So far, the Orioles, the Grosbeaks, the Indigo Bunting, The Pine Warbler have all showed up.  Waiting for the hummingbird, he should be bringing his happy little self around soon.   But brrrrr….it was warm this morning, well, warm as in 61 degrees, but it has now dropped down to 56 and I had to close the windows and turn the furnace on and since I’m wearing walking shorts I tossed on a sweater too.  the walk ain’t gonna happen.  it’s COLD out there.

IMG_4945 (800x600)IMG_4946IMG_4949

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  1. Beautiful set of cards! LOVE that stencil.

  2. Such pretty birds. You are really going to town with these stencils. I love all the detailed elements you've added to each card.