Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stamp 241 Studio G

How fun this card was to make.  All those bright colors.  I bought this small pack of cardstock several years ago.  WHAT was I thinking…wellllllllll, I was thinking how much I like bright colors.  What I wasn’t thinking is how difficult it would be to pair this up with things and make it look good.  And so we have learned.  There are several patterns in here and yes, I am slowly finding ways to use them.  Open-mouthed smile  that makes me happy.

This card is made with the BLUEPRINTS 4 from My Favorite Things.  I used one of their suggested layouts.  I use parts and pieces from this blueprint set quite often.  I find myself doing that with several of the blue prints but I also love the pre made sketches they suggest for a quick go to idea.

IMG_5283 (640x800)

I adhered the orange cardstock to some chipboard before I ran it through the bigshot to give the button some stability and dimension. 

Oh and you know, that cool beach scene I made with the salted background???? Guess where that ended up?  Yep, it jumped right off the top of the file cabinet and fell behind it.  Guess it will stay there until we move cuz that cabinet is a beast to move.  bye bye fun card.  Sad smile bwwwwaaaaa


  1. Super fun card with lots of great color! I haven't been able to stop by lately so I am catching up what I have missed. I am really curious about the salted card. I think I am going to be really sad when I see it to know it's gone!

  2. I like the variety of layers on this card. I try to think about the patterns and colors on paper packs and if I will really use them these days because I understand your dilemma! Love bright colors, but oh my! what to do with these. You done did good though!!!