Saturday, October 31, 2015

#525 Simon Exclusive stamp

It was so exciting to get a free November 2012 card kit from Simon.  Included it there were some very cool stamps.  I used this large heart to create a shabby chic card.  Well it didn’t start out to be shabby chic but…..what does a person do when they drop a black stamp pad on the front of an already created card?  Well, shabby chic of course, and then you don’t even have to say a bad word.  Surprised smile The black distressing really added to this card.  can you tell which one was the accidental mark?  Nope? I didn’t think so and the recipient won’t know either.

Work it Wednesday is to make a thank you card.  This doesn’t say it on the outside but there is a thank you sentiment inside.  I have had so many caring friends helping me along in an emotional journey we are in currently I want to send some cards out to them.  We do so appreciate those good friends.

IMG_8203 (701x800)


  1. Ha! Look at you!!!! Never would have guessed it wasn't an intentional design element!! I love the black ribbon! Still hoarding mine. Haven't found a card worthy of it lately! :) Beautiful card!

  2. I like that pretty pink with the black distressing. If you hadn't tattled on yourself we never would have known. Everything looks intentional!