Monday, October 26, 2015

Making a few more Christmas Cards for the Caring Hearts Drive Stamps #525 #526 #527 #528 #529 #530 #531 #532

Jennifer Mc Guire and friends have done this card drive for nursing homes the last five years.  I decided last year that I would be a part of it this year.  Here are my beginning projects.  I have made ten cards all similar to the ones I am posting here.  I hope to make another batch and get them sent out to the coordinating person before the middle of November.  Dug into a whole bunch of un inked stamps.  The set of four was done with a stencil and a stippling brush.  I made several varieties of the candle one and I enjoy each one.

IMG_8182 (1024x809)IMG_8183 (1024x753)IMG_8184 (1024x818)IMG_8188 (1024x818)IMG_8189 (1024x768)

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  1. How are you doing on your stamping all the stamps project? I see you are in the 500s now. That is such a neat idea to do. I would like to do it too but I need a clone to send to work in my place. This is a nice set of cards.