Monday, October 26, 2015

thankfulness with die cuts

I was able to purchase these spellbinder dies at a rummage sale.  It is really fun to get quality things at such good prices.  I didn’t know if I would ever use them much but so fun to have them as part of the collection for those times you might want them.  This is a good example.  My husbands first sergeant from Vietnam days is having some severe health challenges.  He is the most kind and caring man and I’m thankful to have met his sweet wife several years ago.  I will really miss him.  This is not something he will recover from.  He reminds me so of my dad though he is not old enough to be my dad, just his ways and sometimes his looks. I want to get this out to him while he is still able to appreciate how much we care about him. 

Life has many blessings but it also comes with much sorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

IMG_8194 (820x1024)

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  1. Those are some wonderful dies. What a great find. This is a truly lovely card for a sorrowful occasion.