Sunday, July 31, 2016

more water color fun

It’s been fun to “attend” the online card class for intermediates.  I’ve never been disappointed in the classes i take from them.  I like that you can go back and look at the videos and training any time.  I always learn something new when i go back and watch again.  I signed up for this class way back in February I think but haven’t really had much time to watch the videos.  It was oh so much fun to learn i could make a rose.  Now, i can’t even draw a stick guy so for me to make something that even looks like a flower is a huge accomplishment.  And this didn’t even take that long.  I made several cards like this with all my practice roses.  There wasn’t even one that was so bad that i had to toss it.  Now that’s a real acheivement.  

Then I tried my hand at a little ombre water coloring a piece that i made into a tag for the flamingos.  That needs more practice as you can’t see the differing colors, they kind of all ran into one color.  It’s still a pretty background though, so let’s use it. IMG_8549 (708x800)IMG_8548 (703x800)

IMG_8550 (634x800)


  1. Your roses look amazing!!! I am so impressed!!!! I like the raised HELLO on the second one! Your flamingos are as cute as can be!!! TFS your beautiful cards!

  2. Look at those roses! You are becoming a free hand rose expert!!!!


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