Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grab and Go #5

This one took 43 minutes.  Whew!
About ten minutes

I love how this turned out.   About twenty minutes from idea to finish
This one was fun but I didn't know if I made ladybugs or buds.  Either way I liked it. 

Whee! What a great time.  Have you ever gone to a Virtual Stamping Party?!  Split Coast Stampers hosts one variety of these called VSN Virtual Stamp Night. It was a blast.  Everyone is on their computers at their home with their stamping room, snacks, CS and a list of supplies ready.  Then on the hour the hostesses give a challenge and you have forty-five minutes to complete it.  Can't you just see everyone tearing off to their stamp rooms?  You make your interpretation of the challenge and post your card to your gallery there. It's free, it's fun, there's lots of chatting back and forth in the forum and you find out how really creative you can be....or not!  ha- ha.  So here's my cards, good and bad, and I got to put marks on some more of those stamps that I'm using from my stash.  I actually used seven of them. What a fun way to do it!   I'm marking them with pink as I use them b/c I know over the year I will lose track.  It doesn't mean I can't use one again, just that I know that I have used it. Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week.


  1. Great work! You sure got a lot done! You must have a lot of stamps. :)

  2. That looked like fun!!! BUSY...but fun!!!

  3. VSN's are so fun! Totally missed it this time! Haven't participated in anything fun since a GKD release party 2 months ago!!