Friday, January 28, 2011

On the way to Iowa and Red Cowboy boots

Gilbert and I are on our way to Sioux Center, Iowa to attend the funeral of Justin Ray Remmers, our nephew who died unexpectadly last Sunday morning from a heart attack.  He was at Mayo in Rochester waiting for open heart surgery scheduled for this past Monday.  He had an attack on Thursday and the local hospital life flighted him to Mayo.  Who could think it would turn out like this.

A moment to remember; first time for me to be blogging while riding in the car.  We have an electric battery plug in box that plugs into the lighter and then we can plug the computer power source into that and I can blog, FB, play games, look up whatever.  Someday this will be extinct but for now it is one of those, "I remember the first time....." things to store away in my memory box.

We decided to make the 8.5 hour trip in two stages.  We would go up to Minneapolis on Thursday evening and spend the night and then shop a bit and head down to Sioux Center about noon.  All went as planned.  We went to Dania furniture store last night to look at some new dressers for our bedroom.  Got that checked off our list.  We stayed at the Fairfield last night, had a good breakfast this a.m. and headed out with our list and GPS to see what we could find at the Value Village Stores.  I LOVE to thrift shop.  I looked for some stamps and ribbons there too but didn't see anything that I thought I needed.  (yay me!)

I did score on two nice green tops for spring both Chicos.  Likin' that deal!  Green tags so half off the already good prices.  Found a nice coral colored fitted jacket for spring annnnd the pair of black leather boots that I have been looking for for about five years.  I wanted heels but not skinny ones, not tall ones, not wedgy ones, these are just right.  the brand is Blondo and they are made in Canada.  Gilbert is a leather lover, he loves to polish shoes and hand bags, and he can tell good leather.  He thought they were a great bargin.  They fit perfect and are just what I was looking for.  Glad I waited.  Not green tag but still a very attractive price.

RED COWBOY BOOTS:  The other day in Wausau at a resale shop I saw a pair of Red Cowboy boots and then again today.  It brings up a poignant memory for me.  I remember many years ago, maybe twenty? Because Dad's been gone thirteen already.  Anyway, way back then I found a pair of ladies red Cowboy boots at Good Will for five  bucks!  I bought them.  It was so out of character for me.  I'm not a cowboy boots sort, but for some reason, I just knew Dad would like them on me.  I couldn't wait to show him.  I had several things that just went with that particular height of boot and I wore them quite often.  Sure enough, when we got to Tennesee and I was able to show Dad my new boots (he wore cowboy boots back then; we're talking a Ford Motor Detroit City Man, here) he chuckled in the way he did, and what I remember best about him, and THAT moment still brings a smile to my face today.  If this was physical journaling, I would paste a sticker of some red boots right here!

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