Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Using things up

Ah Spring.  On gray days like this I have to think of spring.  I believe someone posted only 51 more days til Spring.   I love those first spring flowers that pop out in the woods.  Such promise of glorious days ahead. 

 While sitting here at the Toyota dealership waiting for tires to be put on, I'm bummed!  I was planning to digi scrapbook and when I got into the program I realized I completely forgot to bring the external drive that has all my pictures on it.  Ah, what to do now to keep from being bored.  Hmmm....I could blog!  So here it is.  I've been thinking of doing a post on this anyway.  My mantra this year is USE IT UP.  That means everything.  That's part of why I started the Grab and Go challenge for myself.  I have a "small" store of  designer papers, inks, embellishments, ribbons, rub-ons, punches, pencils, crayons, stencils.  Now think about that.  Do I need any more?  So use it up.  

Looking around our home I see other areas that need the use it up principle.  How many hand lotions, hand sanitizers, furniture creams, polishes, oils do I have on the premises.  How many facial products?  How many different toothpastes? Why do I have so many?  I am a marketers dream.  Ha. Ha.  I love trying new things to see if it works better, If I like it better, I like to recommend things to people and if I'm not 100% plus satisfied, then I'm looking for it in another version of the same type of product.  Call it RESEARCH!!  For you!   I have been consistent with this using it up mode since the beginning of December.  I have one tube of toothpaste almost gone. I have one moisturizer almost gone, I have already tossed two hand cream tubes.  (they were almost used up) This is what happens, I get the new and then the old one gets pushed to the back and doesn't find it's way to the surface again until I clean that drawer out.  It doesn't help that Gilbert likes to try new things too.  So now we have BOTH of us doing this research.   Now I have put all the hand creams in a drawer except for one tube in both bathrooms and the bedroom.  When the current ones are gone I will go to the stash and bring out another.  I'm excited about doing this as I don't like to waste things.  But it doesn't do a bit of good to have money spent on things and then have them lying in a drawer waiting to be used.  That's like putting your real money in a drawer and not getting the interest.  Well that's my post and thoughts for the day. I do have some pics of some of the tubes to add interest to this but they are on my desktop computer and I can't access them from my spot here at Toyota. 


  1. I totally agree with you Janeen. I use everything I have. I do not accumulate things, I do not horde things. I use my toothpaste until there is no more before buying another. Soap and toilet paper is something I keep a lot of :)

  2. You were busy at Toyota today!!! Yes laptops come in handy!!! Thanks for stopping by and checking things out on the BLog..:-)))))