Saturday, March 22, 2014

Changing the scenery

Thanks to Dream Weavers  and the Dream It Up Blog I won this fabulous stencil.  I wanted to quick make something with it and when you just come back from twelve days of no stamping at all you have to jump in kind of simply.  This stencil was the perfect way to start.  I am showing this two ways as you could use the first way for a card on it’s own.  Simple, quick, get it in the mail card.  I will enter that version into One Layer Simplicity.  On hind site, if I wanted to keep this as a one layer card I would take a ruler and draw lines around the edges about 1/4 inch in.

But I really had the second version in my mind when I made the card.  I thought it was fun that Susan from Simplicity pulled out her spectrum pads as I had wanted to do the same.  We were just at the Portland Zoo and watched the flamingos.  So goofy standing on one foot most of their lives.

I will also enter this into the Dream Weavers Challenge of March Madness to use things that have gotten kind of forgotten.

Jumping all over here, I love the way the Spectrum Pad transferred it’s texture to the card.  I did spritz it with water to blend the lines a bit so they weren’t quite so stark looking as I ran the pad across a couple of times. The Simplicity challenge was to Just Add Water.  I was surprised it didn’t make any water splotches but maybe misting with a fine spray doesn’t do that.  Also this wasn’t water color paper.  I added the teeniest of gems for the dot over the “I” in the sentiment.   And on the second card I dressed it up with a big gem too.  So there we have a one layer card and a dressed up CAS card.




  1. Really nice quick cards. Love the stencil.

  2. Really vibrant background and loving that you did a silhouette version of the flamingo stencils. Thank you for showing off your stencil that you won...I like that! Hope you'll be joining us again at the Dreamweaver Stencils challenges!

    1. But of course!! And thank you again for the beautiful stencils you make.

  3. I love the texture to these cards. It almost looks like canvas. Great job on them both!!!

  4. Such a fun card! I love the black border and the gem on the bow!

  5. This is really cute! Another stencil to put on my wish list!

  6. Thanks for the reminder that keeping it simple can still be effective, I must do the simple silhouette more often.