Monday, March 17, 2014

Stamp 172, 173 Parisian Coffee

I bought this little Parisian set a long time ago thinking I would make cards for my daughter-in-law who teaches French.  It got used a couple of times and then what to do with it?  Can’t make her the same card every year!  So it’s been kind of sitting there and if I really challenged myself I could probably use all the stamps in the set.  VSN on SCS had a challenge to use umbrellas.  Daughter-in-law and Daughter are gong to Paris this spring.  I made a card for Sarah during this challenge so why not make one for Kirstin too.  I don’t think either of them reads my blog so I should be safe.

IMG_3977 (800x593)


Image:  I didn’t see a name on the images

Sizzix embossing folder

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  1. Love the subject matter and the way you presented it Janeen. Really special and fun.

  2. A Parisian cafe, what a nice card. I understand what you mean by you can't make the same card all the time. That's where the real challenge lies.

  3. Oh how fun!!! Great card to celebrate such a fun trip for the girls!!!!