Saturday, May 21, 2011


What’s it like to be a grandma?

FonnieFonnie is an Ecuadorian sweetie that has been adopted by a loving family who have four other children.  She came to them when she was almost two and she is now seven.  She was a little love bug right from the start and hugs on everyone, which we all love. Red heart

Since I’m not technically a “real” grandma, as we only have a grand-dogger, it’s wonderful to be adopted as a grandma by other children.

Fonni's Bouquet (4)When I went to Eric’s Greenhouse I waited for the kids to get home from school and Fonnie came barreling off the bus School busand didn’t go into the house like the other kids, nope, she came charging over to us, school bag in hand and just threw herself at me with a big hug, as is Fonnie’s style.  She then grabbed my hand and said, “Janeen, come here, come and look at this field.”  And off we went to see behind the barn.  We were on a bit of a hill that overlooks their hay field and the field is just covered in dandelions. “ Look!”  She said, “isn’t that pretty?”  I had to agree, it was beautiful, with the yellow against the green and the blue sky surrounding it.  It was pretty. “ I hope they don’t plow that under,” she wistfully, said.

After I purchased my flowers and was leaving she came running to me with this bouquet of flowers and said, “some people call these weeds”  they’re not, they’re yellow!  It had to be recorded.  Just too cute for words. I wish I had had my camera with me while I was there but the best I could do was have Gilbert take this picture after I got home.   Thank you, Fonnie.

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