Tuesday, December 27, 2016

L and stamps # 785-786-787

L??? Anything that starts with L….besides light my brain just didn’t compute.  I chose Laurel as in Laurel Wreath.  I’m not even sure what that is but in this case it is the wreath I made.  Surprised smile  IMG_8745

Just to change things up a bit I went with a square card using my Blueprints # 3 and sketch from MFT.  The wreath and design are from Prickley Pear and I’m not sure who’s dies those are.  Maybe Whimsey?  I ask with a puzzled frown on my head.

Thanks for going through all these with me.  You make me smile. 

okay, if that’s not a laurel wreath then i go with L for layers and i got that covered. 


  1. Beautiful design! Love the loopy die cut layer and pretty word die cuts. This a beautiful card!

  2. L is for Lump of coal! Lamp? Luck? Love? Lights? Lambchops! Umm... yeah.

    Cool looking card.