Monday, December 26, 2016

oh that P word

Paper piecing.  It took me a long time to do this.  Why did i choose this image for this challenge?  I’ve always thought this would be pretty paper pieced but never wanted to take the time.  Likely won’t do it again but i so love how it turned out.  .  Next up is Overlay for O.  i’m having fun with these no time limit challenges.  My own time limit is to try and get them done before I leave on Wednesday.  I don’t have to post them to the site as all the challenges have been long closed, I am just enjoying the jump off idea for the start of a card.

Hope all had a wonderful Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate.  We had small family time and enjoyed it immensely.  Thanksgiving is usually our biggest holiday gathering.

IMG_8741 (771x800)

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  1. Wow! This is beautiful!!! I love the paper pieced poinsettia! Stunning!

  2. This looks way cool paper pieced, but yeah, I can see it being a lot of work. Still now I want to go home and PP the poinsettia I have.