Saturday, December 31, 2016

enough winter cards

Time to move along.  Winter is “over” in my mind even though we will have four months of snow.  It was so exciting to look outside at 5:15 p.m. tonight and have it still be a bit light out.  Spring is preparing her arrival even if she is on a delayed flight to Wisconsin.

Here’s a fun little spring card I made.  I used a free commercial card that i receved in a pack for a kick off on the idea.  I really should take a photo of it.  People often ask where I get my ideas from.  They come from everywhere, clothing, decorations in restaurants, a cieling in a restaurant, a picture and now this card.

here’s my take on it with what i have on hand. .  The zebras look like they are die cut but they are not, i just traced around the bottoms with a distress marker and used a damp paint bursh to soften the lines a bit and make them stand out more. Here is the original card, isn’t it cute? 

IMG_8767 (482x800)IMG_8774 (469x800)

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