Tuesday, December 27, 2016

M is for Mice

Hmmm, the only Christmasy mice i have is the one with the two mice and their candy canes but that is so last year as i have used it many times.  I could do that but then i remembered my MFT Autumn mice and figured i could do a little surgery and come up with a Christmas card. 

IMG_8744 (701x800)

Remember back in the fall this little guy on the right was carrying a bushel of apples.  This worked out really well.  And as long as i’m showing you this intricate die, have you been living under a rock, as I have????  There is this very cool way to get all those little bits and pieces out without poking or using a brush.  Are you ready for this?  Cut your die out like you always do.  Leave it in the die and grab yourself 4 folded in half pieces of cheap dryer sheets.  (like Bounce only the cheapies ones)  Place your die on there cut side down and run it through with the same cutting plates you always use.  All the bits and pieces stick to the sheet.  No joke!  It is like MAGIC.  i am so impressed.  This picture shows three different dies that i did this way.  You can peel away and the top dryer sheet and fold it inside and do this again and again with the same sheets til they are all fool.  I kid you not, this is too good to keep to myself!!

IMG_8753 (800x600)

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  1. Wax paper makes a good release. I've heard about the dryer sheet trick but also heard cautionary tales about some of the not cheapy ones leaving stains on the paper. Someone else said they heard it would dull your dies. No clue on that one either.

    Anyway, love how you used the harvest mice. THat one with the bulb is especially clever.