Tuesday, May 12, 2015

fun water color technique Stamps #462-463-464-465-466 Judith Stamps

My friend JoAnn sent me this link for a new technique for water coloring.  It’s one of my favorite color applications.  I love how simple this was and how softly pretty it turned out.  Here’s the link if any of you would like to try.  https://www.facebook.com/SCRAPBOOKEXPO/videos/10152789469141771/?fref=nf     I have several stamps from Stamps by Judith.  She is the first one that taught me about interactive stamping with your images.  Waaaaaay long time ago during the big old cassette videos.  I ordered one from her catalog.  She still makes stamps.  Here’s the link.  http://www.stampsbyjudith.com/

IMG_7738 (800x607) (2)


  1. So pretty! I just love the look of water color. I'm not too good at it though. I know practice makes perfect but I get nervous with my wood furniture and the like. Last time I was way-laid by kitty paws (which soak of a palette of water color real good).

  2. I watched the video. It looks simple enough. I don't think I have any water based markers anymore. Am I the only one who wonders what color Kendra's thumb is?