Monday, May 18, 2015

two more grads Stamps #468 & 469

The truck is for the cow girl.  I made the balloons in the school colors and tried to make it a bit feminine with the added washi tape. (think: covering up a mark on the card stock)  Winking smile       I don’t think the farm boys around here would fly balloons from their truck.  Anyway, fun card to make. 

The feminine card is for a sweet little lady that has struggled with cancer for most of her school life.  I think she was diagnosed when she was in third grade. 

Now pushing on to do the last group of three which is for the same three young people but for a different customer.  Having fun with this. Challenging but fun.

IMG_7768 (800x613)IMG_7769 (684x800)


  1. That truck card makes me happy! Silly Boys, trucks are for girls!
    The other card is nice but too frilly for my tastes. But vellum!!!

  2. I'm sure your customers are delighted, Janeen! Your cards are going to be loved and cherished!! (I love the balloons and the sediment across the back of the truck!) I hope you enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Fun cards Janeen. Both are beautifully done. Love the truck of course. Like the use of vellum on the girls card.

    Hugs and Blessings

  4. Hi Janeen, I found you thanks to Jim (Irish Cherokee) and I'm so glad I did! Both cards are adorable.

    Em x