Monday, May 22, 2017

Grad Cards

Every year I think we don’t know many grads and every year i am surprised by the invites we get.  This year so far we have Jonathan, Collin, Cade, Taylor, Logan, Koree, Karoline.  How do all these kids grow up so fast.  Didn’t they just start junior high?

Here are some more of the tape transfers I did.  On the computer card, i just pasted an image into Word doc and then printed it and did the tape thing. It gave me the perfect image to fit that computer.  Collin and Cade are my twin great nephews who have played football all of their highschool years and they were both accepted to Eastern KY University to play on that team.  I pulled some pics off their mom’s FB page and printed them and used my tape to create these very personal cards for them.  The one of Collin is from a homecoming game, it’s not blood.  tee-heecollin cade

IMG_9005 (800x616)IMG_9006 (800x650)

IMG_9004 (800x563)

IMG_9001 (800x600)


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  1. Such a cool group of cards! Congrats to all the grads!!! Wishing good luck to the boys heading to KY! The mice and the computer are adorable! Love that you gave one of them a graduation cap!!


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