Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Using the fuse tool

IMG_9008 (729x800)

a fuse tool was gifted to me last year for my birthday and it hasn’t gotten near the use i would have thought.  Somehow, the Fuseables, came into my vision.  Fuseables, what are they?  It’s plastic paper that you can fuse together.  Everything on the tag is the Fuseable paper except the stamped image and baker’s twine.  You can see the “faux stitching” down the middles of the hearts and down the yellow stript.  That’s the work of the Fuse tool.   I had fun making the tag and then, what to do with it?  Aha! Theres that overlay scalloped piece that i cut out a long time ago, i think they call them coverups now.  add some coordinating paper and a SaWeet card is born.  LOVE IT.  If you have a fuse and you didn’t know about these papers you will really have fun with them.  I’m ready to try another one.


  1. I remember wondering about the fuse tool when it came out, I thought it seemed rather limiting, but that was before fuse papers came along. Very cool!!!

  2. This is so cool! I am off to look for fusable paper!!! Love how you used the fusing tool!!


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