Wednesday, May 31, 2017

why didn’t i think of that?

a full page of water colored beauty.  then you cut it into parts. how simple, how smart.  I followed a Unity & MISTI blog hop and one of the gals did this and then made quick cards with the MISTI.  So fun.  I had to try it.  Now I’ve done it twice.  It’s going to be my new, i want to craft but i don’t know what to make and i don’t have much time, go to plan.

Look at these beautiful cards created with two different 8.50 x 11 water colored backgrounds.

IMG_9009IMG_9012 (800x694)IMG_9014 (693x800)IMG_9015 (800x599)IMG_9013IMG_9021 (640x800)IMG_9022 (623x800)IMG_9023 (660x800)IMG_9024 (800x644)

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  1. Gorgeous cards and bonus that they were quick and no-brainers to make! This is the modern version of the one-sheet-wonder.


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