Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's been such a long time

EEK!  Can it be I have not posted since the 5th of March and today is the 20th.  I didn't have much ambition at all while I had that sinus infection.  I used Afrin spray and Ear Planes for the trip to CA.  I was kind of worried about my ears blocking up on the plane going out there.  Whew!  Glad for modern science.

It is the first day of Spring today so I will post some springlike pictures that I took in California while we attended the Natural Health Expo West.  I walked to the Expo Center from the hotel a couple of days and took some pics on the day I remembered my camera.  :)  It will be a while before we see any roses here in WI those are usually late June here. This of course made me think of "stop and smell the roses"

Then there is this lovely Bird of Paradise.  So gorgeous.  I am fascinated with how these grow so abundantly and reproduce themselves over and over. Better than my favorite Star Gazer lilies because they are beautiful but we only get one flower per season.  On these beauties the little pearl like drops that run along the top of the purplish part is where the nectar is and it is so delightful  to look at.  I tried to capture that portion from the top down but it looked just too strange on the picture so I am satisfied with looking at this full shot of this gorgeous "bird".  Now to not make each post too long I am going to make several smaller posts. I hope this beauty makes you smile as much as it did me.  Oh my, look at it's red neck.  Sigh...So pretty. :) Click on the individual pictures to see them up close.

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Nothing like a rose. I especially like exotic flowers too.