Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Favorites at the Health Expo

Seeing things in action...You can't beat that.  This sprouting display got my attention last year and I went looking for them again this year.  For them it's all about eating Raw and nothing cooked.   Well, I don't do that by a long shot but I do like to include sprouts in lots of things because of their high vitamin and enzyme count.  It gives the body a rest and we don't have to produce our own enzymes for digestion because sprouts have the enzyme activity going on and they digest themselves.  Well, that's a simplified layman's way of saying it.  I'd like to sprout things on my own but whenever I've tried, and believe me, I've tried, my sprouts mold and get sad looking.  I think we don't have enough warmth in our house and since we are in the woods we just don't get rid of the dampness.  But with these sprouters I do believe anyone could make sprouts and they look so healthy and yummy and they have so much crunch.  If  I had these I would probably make a ton of sprouts and then sell them at the Farmers market.  Sprouted lentils make a wonderful crunchy summertime snack.  mmm...I'm getting hungry. LOL.  You're looking at four day growth of garbanzo beans.

Another booth I found really exciting was the GO RAW booth which is not affiliated with the sprouting company posted above.  These friendly and conscientious folks make bars, you know Health Bars that really are healthy for you and not just sugar bars pretending to be healthy for you.  The sorting process they use for their nuts and seeds is the most sophisticated I have seen and their bars when put on a plate and spritzed with water actually start sprouting.  This was major impressive to me.  Try that with your current health bar and see what happens.  Isn't this great?? Now you know you're getting live food in your body and it takes living food to create living cells.  You are what you eat.  The best part.....the bars taste really really good.  Look for them at your local health food store or Whole Foods Market.  Yum!  (I don't get any kick back for delivering this message)  :)

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  1. I like sprouts! I could never keep up with growing them myself though. I don't buy health bars because I suspect just that, that they're not healthy!