Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Equinox

It's the Spring Equinox today and you can stand a broom up all by itself and it won't fall over.  The earth's axis is spinning evenly.  Supposed to be able to get an egg to stand on end too but mine didn't.  I am boiling some now to see if that makes a difference.  Do you feel balanced today?
Editor update:  Here's the egg.  It worked boiled but I had to put it on this coffee filter.  I think the counter was too slippery for it.


  1. I tried the egg several years ago and FINALLY got it to balance. It must have been operator error. :)

  2. Never knew that about a broom on the equinox... All the stuff I've missed! ;)

  3. Anita, who is that masked woman??? LOL