Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow Removal

It's starting to seem like spring.  I am going to remove the winter decorations and add some pussy willows and bright tulips in here. My plants are crying to be put into the ground, enough of being in this dry house they say. It's nice here today with thirty degrees and just a slight breeze and the sun broke through about an hour ago.  The other day even when I wasn't feeling very well, I needed some fresh air so I set out to slowly remove the snow from the last storm off the deck.  I stuck the yardstick in the deepest part to see how much had blown off the roof.  It was heavy snow but I just bundled up good and shoveled a small amount at a time so I wasn't working my heart too hard with this infection going on.  It seemed a good accomplishment when I got it finished. :)

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