Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Piano Tuner

 It's too bad I didn't take a video of the piano being tuned.  There's something so nice about hearing the tuning fork and the strings coming into balance.  Keith Bible is very impressed with the stability of our Kwai piano.  He says it doesn't need tuning, he'll just do a bit of fine tuning on it.  The best thing for the piano is having the humidifier pouring out water for the thirsty piano in the winter time.  It's 41 % humidity in here right now and Keith says that's just about right for the piano.  And then of course piano tuners always play so beautifully and I'm enjoying that.  Keith does have a nice soft touch and way of playing.


  1. Janeen,

    I just came across your blog not so long ago. I see you got our piano tuner up your direction. He does a wonderful job.

  2. How neat! I've never been around while a piano was being tuned but I bet it is really something to watch.

    Hope you're feeling better!!