Saturday, March 5, 2011


Still not feeling very well and I'm waiting for the piano tuner to come and can't seem to get motivated to do anything that requires being up. Thought I would play catch up and post a couple of pics and do a bit of personal blogging.

My head seemed stuffier today than yesterday, it still does and it's noon now so maybe this is going to be an all day thing.  I thought I would feel better than this after two days of antib's.  Since I couldn't get anything to open up I figured I might just as well make some more of that good soup.
So here's some pics of why it's such a pleasure to make it.  Don't the ingredients just look beautiful?  I forgot to put the tsien peppers in there, they are the tiny red hot Thailand peppers and I used six or seven of them today.
Since I've already posted the details on how to make this the other day I will just add the new picture of the final product and also the noodles I used in this batch.  They are the cutest little noodle packets. They are very thin and these are wheat noodles and each little bundle is tied with a thin read thread.  Isn't that cute? One bundle is one serving.  They really don't even need to go in the pot.  I just removed the thread and broke the noodles in pieces and put them in my bowl.  Then I spooned some of the hot broth over them and covered with a plate for a couple of minutes.  Spooned in the rest of the broth and I had this beautiful yummy soup to enjoy. 
Now I wanted to add this picture to show the pretty red cup and the very nice place mats that Gilbert came home with the other day.  We sit and watch the birds from our dining room table and the mats are a perfect statement for us.
Gilbert was at Younkers the other day when they were having this huge sale and he went wandering over to housewares. I just dropped and broke the last favorite cup that he gave me.  He also brought home a golden yellow one that I have been using these last couple of days.  He's always so thoughtful like that.  I wish I was more like that.  I'm not really a great shopper.  I fix my mind on what I need to get and that's all I go in for and come out with.  I don't really like looking around at everything, it's too much commercialism and it overwhelms my brain. (i guess????)

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