Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My FAVORITE Dream Weaver stencil

This stencil gets used a lot in many different ways.  Today I ran it through the big shot with water color paper after the paper had been colored with a wash.  I then put the stencil on the top of the embossed piece and highlighted with the pink and then spritzed it all after taking the stencil off.

It is so soft and beautiful, I feel so creative and satisfied. I used my other favorite crafting embellishment.  The Viva Pearl Pen, this was in cream color.

Tim Holtz Distress markers.  (something new for me…..I did the flicking trick with the paint brush for spatters)  I was always afraid I would get big blobs instead of dainty little dots.  WHEW!!!!    Feel the fear and do it anyway!!!   In love

IMG_5338 (800x616)


  1. I never worried about the size of the splatters, although that could be a concern too, I was more worried that they'd end up on the wall.... the couch... the cat... the ceiling... I love the soft feathery feel to this card. I can see why you covet this stencil so much!

  2. I agree with the soft and feathery feeling. Very nicely done Janeen.