Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Using Tim Holtz stuff Stamps #246-247-248

O.K.  confession time.  I have never really liked all the Tim Holtz stuff, it’s mostly too grungy for me.  But then I started seeing all those distress inks and I bought one.  Oh my, the clarity, I couldn’t deny it, I LOVED his inks. Red heart  Then I found this stamp set a year or so ago at Michaels marked insanely clearanced at $3.99….alrighty then, this doesn’t look so grungy.  I inked it, stamped it,  Aha…so this is what all the fuss is about.  Stamps beautifully.  I received a gift certificate to Hobby Lobby for my birthday .  I was pretty sure where those $ were going.  Yep, I picked up my first pack of Distress Markers.  Oh my, no disappointment there.  I am in love with these brilliant clear colors.  I will have to learn to use teeny amounts.  I thought I used teeny amounts and look how deep this turned out.  I love the vibrancy though so I decided to turn it into a wedding card.  I had no plan when I started, just wanted to use my inks and thought his stamps would be a perfect place to start and so it morphed into this.  I got a lot of mileage out of a few scribbles.  I also got two more pieces of water color paper inked up with a base coat.  Also three more cards all made from the same few scribbles.  I can see my Water Color Paper stash will not be coming into the spotlight.

IMG_5337 (717x800)


  1. I get it about Tim. His stuff tends to have a distinct masculine feel to it-industrial, browns, dark blues, dark greens, etc. But it looks real good in girly colors too! As you have found out! I'm loving this card!!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I love the color! Pretty hearts and butterflies!!! Love the gems placed in the corner! Cool pattern.