Saturday, November 15, 2014

Clean Up Time


It’s that time….can’t stand the little pile of left overs anymore.  Let’s make something or toss them, WHAT??? Toss Them?? I can’t do that.  Let’s make something!!

IMG_6914 (657x800)




IMG_6917 (800x613)

IMG_6925 (800x627)

IMG_6926 (800x634)IMG_6929 (669x800)IMG_6931 (678x800)Okay now that was a job well done and I had so much fun cleaning that pile up.  It was even more fun because ohmypaper (SCS name) Angie Bode and I did Face Time and we stamped together but each of us in our own stamping rooms.  She lives in Georgia.  Check out her blog HERE for some really spectacular inspiration.  I shake my head in awe at her work.


  1. Oh my friend!!! Did you make all these while I made my one card???!!!! They are all beautiful!!! I just love what you do with scraps! Every card looks intentionally designed! You are wonderfully creative my friend!!! I had a BLAST stamping with you! You cheered me up!

  2. You just didn't make something, you made ALL THE THINGS! They are all wonderful and special. Doesn't it feel good to use up all the bits?!