Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sympathy Cards Stamps stamps #372, 373, 374, 375, 376

Sad to say, I needed to make a lot of sympathy cards this past week.  I know I am going to need more.  I put on some hymns to listen to and stamped away.  it was very therapeutic for me.  I do feel so for those who lost loved ones.  Especially when they are not so very old.  It makes my heart so very sad.  I’m glad I can make a bit of beauty to share with them and hope it gives them just a bit of comfort.  Since these are all the same style I will group them rather than making separate posts.

IMG_6894 (800x597)IMG_6895 (800x605)IMG_6900 (800x640)IMG_6902 (665x800)

For all of these I used the masking technique.  I have long enjoyed the work of Kim O’Connell and she used this technique.  I have done this before but kind of forgot about it and was glad for the reminder.  So you mask off your piece of card stock, I used wide frog tape to cover my card stock.  Next, I start blending in the white space with distress inks and a sponge or blending tool.  Leaving the tape in place I stamped the silhouettes.  I use a punched circle to create the illusion of sun/moon after I have already laid down a bit of color and then sponge more color onto the card stock.

These come together quickly and have such a lovely feel to them.  For the third one in, I removed the tape and then tamped my images as I wanted the leaves to be a bit outside the box. 

The last two cards are Prickley Pear images, the other two are Stampin Up and then the geese are from Stampscapes.

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  1. All so very pretty and lovely! You are really get some stamping done, WTG!!

  2. Stunning set of cards! Beautiful sponged color and I love the look of the masked framing!

  3. Very gorgeous cards. Sad given the occasion they are made for. You rock that sponged look.