Friday, November 7, 2014

Stamp #359 & 360

okay, so I seem to keep collecting more and more stamps.  I will never get through them at this rate.  This was a free stamp given to us by Northwoods Rubber Stamp company for taking their class.  I actually have another too because I took two classes from them.  hmmmm…wonder what I did with the other?  I thought I put everything away where it belonged.  there was so much free stuff though, I think I got confused.  Anyway!  I was happy to find out that with the North Woods water color paper I can use my Stampin Up markers and get the same effect as what we got in class with Tombow markers.  I really did not want to purchase another marker set.

I also used this technique on a stamp that I had from PSX and it turned out beautiful too.  Lots of color and a bit of glitter and WOWSERS. 

IMG_6850 (800x631)

North Woods Rubber Stamps








PSX stamp

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