Friday, January 6, 2017

Susan Louise

In cleaning my craft room the other day i came across these pre-printed images from Susan Louise that i had purchased about three years ago.  Time to use them up.  I still have one sheet of winter images to get to but i will wait another time for that.  I was glad to get these two sheets made into cards.  I love the images and it makes cards very easy to create.  However when you are doing a dozen and you want them all different it adds a bit of a challenge.  I’m glad i finished these and now i have several masculine get well and birthday ready for the year.   All the fowl except the chickadees are acrylic pieces.  They are printed on clear acrylic and when you use them your background shows through.  So realistic.  It was really nice and relaxing to make these.  P.S.  i made all these plus regular stamped images and my craft room is still clean.  I love it.  I think i’m going to enjoy this put away as you go stamping. Winking smile

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  1. These are way cool, so many cards just done! I like the moon with the truck and the cut out duck on a square (a wish for you) the best. I like putting things away after my stamping session, it really helps the next go 'round. There is usually a small stack of stuff to do or unfinished stuff on my desk but mostly things get put away, not necessarily every evening but when I'm done fussing around with that particular bunch of stuff.