Saturday, April 19, 2014

A fun card base from a fun friend

IMG_4753 (800x600)

When I was in Oregon, I met up with an online Stamping friend.  She drove an hour and half to meet up with me and my friend who lives there.  It’s so very special to meet people whom we have connected with on line for a couple of years and then to meet them face to face.

Well she was a genius and generous and brought along all kinds of images and her brand new InkTense colored pencils for my friend and I to try.

Never have I colored with anything so smooth.  This was one of her images that I colored up and brought home to turn into something.  I love how it turned out.  You can’t really tell on here bu the black sits on a base of red with a really fine 1/16th of an inch border showing.  It’s the perfect show case for these oh so beautiful poppies.

We saw lots and lots of poppy fields in Italy.  Go around the curve and MAGIC before our eyes.

Also part to the use it up treasures on the desk.  now to go and finish up with the remainder of the treasures.  We’re getting there and it feels good to be frugal and get those parts and pieces used up.

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  1. Such a bright lovely red. This is such a fresh and happy card!