Monday, April 28, 2014

Moving on…Stamps 206-207-208-209-210-211-212

Years ago when I was still kind of new to stamping I found these wonderful watermarked linen envelopes in the perfect card size, a box of 100 for really reasonable as the stationery store was going out of business.  Well when I got home and made my card to tuck into the fabulous envelope, oops the card was too big.  The envelopes were not A2 size.  Which, back then, didn't mean a thing to me.  Over the years I have used up about thirty of them.  Now my challenge to myself is to make 64 cards that size to get those envelopes used up.  I also have a pack of Kraft paper that I don’t really like the color of so much and it’s not heavy enough but it will still make nice layers.  I hope to use up both of those goodies in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled for lots of Kraft goodness coming your way.  The finished size of these cards is 5 1/8 x 7 7/8
And I’m not sure why these all photographed wonky like the layers are coming off the paper, they are not.  I did set them on the envelope for some odd reason unbeknownst to me and maybe that’s why they look funny.  nonetheless here they are. IMG_4813IMG_4812
Because I am ready to hit the sack (this virus thing is kicking my butt)  I won’t go into much detail.  The stamps are all Stampin’ Up.  I was inspired by my friend Judy to do the Asian and the Scallops.  We had emailed “talked” about both those concepts a few weeks back.  Kept it in my head and wanted to use those stamps to mark ‘em off the list. The hibiscus was cut out and layered onto the card.  The Lower left is emboss resist.  The  coffee sentiment is from MFT.  I still have about six of those little coffee images to use up.  My daughter gave me them from off the back of her calendar about three years ago.  WHY do I think I MUST use them.?  Cuz they are so cute and I can’t stand to throw them away… own dilemma.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you are enjoying your spring, enjoy it extra special for us cuz we are still feeling wind chills of twenty eight degrees.


  1. Really unique use for those "leftovers" and funky stuff. Love the envelopes. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Loving everything except for the fact that you are still sick. Oh and the weather.... we can not like that either. ugh. Great cards. You do the oriental and the scallops justice!