Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stamps 201-202-203-204

I have this wonderful on-line friend that you should visit!  Princess Judy.  Click HERE for her blog.   She was so nice and sent me these really fun feathers and ink well dies and she didn’t even know that fountain pens and ink are one of my loves.   So I have been saving them to make some special note cards and they just fit this old Stampin’ Up set so perfectly.  So thank you Princess Judy, I bow to you and your ink loving crown. Princess  I really like how these look laid out on cardstock.  Open-mouthed smile   And oh my.  I used the two new inks I got from Simon Says….I really really really like the way they ink up.  I

IMG_4751 (800x600)

was wondering for a bit if I was going to enjoy using them because I found it difficult to get the covers off at first.  There’s no grippy things to grab onto to open the covers.  But after using them a couple of times the covers came off much more easily so now I am tempted because I need new colors kind of badly.  My SU ones are about ten years old and they are losing their inking abilities.  They are kind of warped and hard to use.  But that’s all for in the future, those nice new ink pads.  sigh!


All Stamps  SU except Inkwell.  no name for that one

Simon Says Inks

Embossing powder on the pen

Die cuts were gifted from the Princess

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  1. I wonder if that inkwell is by Art Impressions? For a bit they did those sketched style stamps. What SSS colors did you get?! I still haven't used mine. I really like what you did with the quills and inks. Wonderful job! And thanks for the shout out. Shucks, it t'weren't nuthin'.